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Welcome to the Valley-Dynamo Technical Information resource and Webstore.


are overflowing with information. Most simple questions can be answered there 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We have used this site to make many exploded drawings, tutorials, and how-to guides readily available. It is likely they can answer your questions (though sometimes you may not like the answer, particularly with parts or drawings for very old products), and even questions you do not have.

If you've checked out our wealth of available documentation and are still uncertain if a particular part will be right for your Valley, Dynamo or Tornado product - please  CONTACT US or during business hours use the LIVE CHAT link at the upper-right portion of the page.  We want to make sure you get the right part the first time, because there are NO REFUNDS, ONLY CREDIT (the full policy can be found at the Shopping Cart page when entering your order).

Our parts MAY fit products from other manufacturers but were not designed to do so. We cannot guarantee their suitability for other equipment. Buy at your own risk.

While we process some orders to Canada, OTHER INTERNATIONAL PARTS CUSTOMERS should E-mail our International Sales department.

THE MINIMUM PARTS ORDER AT VALLEYDYNAMOPARTS.COM is $39.00.  If you place a smaller parts order, a surcharge will be added to bring the total to the $39 minimum. For additional options, you might consider contacting one of our Dealers using the Dealer Locator function or the Contact Us page.

VERY IMPORTANT Terms and Conditions, return and credit policy, shipping details and other information is found on the Shopping Cart page.  Be sure to read it before placing your order.

The warranty on replacement parts is 90 DAYS from the date of purchase. In the event of a Warranty issue, proof of purchase will be required. The complete Warranty documentation can be found on this site via the Warranty links under each product.

Parts orders from this site are processed once per business day.  We make every attempt to ship the following business day. For time-critical parts orders, consider contacting one of our Dealers using the Dealer Locator function or the Contact Us page.

For established accounts with Terms wishing to order by P.O., or Operators wanting to set up an Operators' account, contact us at

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