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It’s a passion for the games.

Valley Dynamo and Champion Shuffleboard has a passion for games. We enjoy the people and the spirit of bar games specifically – because most of us know how to have fun! 

This passion makes us better manufacturers. It keeps us focused on delivering quality products and looking for ways to improve our games because we’re players too - some of us better than others (We have a few champions but mostly we’re competitors and social players.)

We build products for Operators, Dealers, Distributors as well as players. We have customers throughout world and understand who owns and plays our products and that keeps us on target.  Delivering products that will make money, that create fun experiences and engage new players and fans is what defines our success.

I personally believe in a small business approach – remain focused on quality products and building strong lasting relationships and It’s the way we do things here.

So, play Tornado foosball, Valley pool, Dynamo table hockey and Champion shuffleboard, it’s fun!

Kelye Stites,
President & Shuffleboard Player



1947 - Valley Company started in Bay City, Michigan building coin-operated bumper pool tables and coin operated pool tables.

1965 - Valley Co. introduced the Magnetic Cue Ball separator, enabling coin operated pool tables to use a cue ball of the same size and weight as the object balls.
1970 - Tornado Table Sports was started in Dallas, Texas and built table soccer /Foosball tables.

1973 – Dynamo LTD was started and the company manufactured coin-operated pool, Foosball and Air Hockey.

1979 – Valley invests in Valley National Eightball Association (VNEA) and Valley International Foosball Association (VIFA) which creates leagues to promote the play of pool and Foosball.

1988 – Champion Shuffleboard, formerly Gametime begins manufacturing Shuffleboard tables.

1999 – Valley Co. became Valley Recreational Products and merges Tornado Table Sports and Dynamo LTD and relocates to Texas.

2003 – Valley-Dynamo releases the first programmable bill acceptor pool tables.
2003 – Brunswick buys Valley Dynamo and in 2006 moves the manufacturing plant to Mexico.

2009 – Kelye Stites, owner of Champion Shuffleboard LTD, makes the deal to purchase the assets of Valley Dynamo from Brunswick and moves manufacturing back to Richland Hills, Texas.

2010 – Valley Dynamo celebrates 1 year under the leadership of Kelye Stites. Valley, Dynamo and Tornado products are once again built in Texas with a commitment to quality and service. The dealers and operators notice.